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End of Lease Cleaning – Best Way to Cleaning your Homes before the end of Lease

Cleaning is one of the top-most and important services for moving from one home to the other. Whenever you are moving out of your property in different parts of Australia, the rented person needs to hand over the property to the landlord in the best position. So, it is expected that you will clean your home before handing the property to the landlord. The landlord will hand over your security bond back to you only when he finds the accommodation in the best of condition. A professional cleaning service in Australia will help you clean your property to the fullest.

End of lease cleaning

If the landlord is unhappy with any aspect of cleaning, the professional cleaners known as end-of-lease cleaning will clean all the dirt of the home and return the property in the best possible position. The experts will help save you time and money for avoiding unseemly landlord-tenant disputes. The professionals know what is exactly required to clean the property and the cleaning will be done exactly according to the things that landlords look for at the end of home lease. It is better to leave the cleaning work at the hands of professionals.

What is involved in end of lease cleaning services?

The service provider provides a range of affordable vacate cleaning packages which will save time & money. The professional and dedicated cleaners handle the end of lease cleaning service around the area daily. The experience and knowledge of real estate cleaning provide assured cleaning of the highest standard.

The service includes –

  • Cleaning of kitchen
  • Cleaning of bathroom and toilets
  • Stain removal
  • Windows, doors, and wall cleaning
  • Heating and air conditioning dust cleaning
  • Ceiling moulds and marks cleaning
  • External cobwebs cleaning

The professionals will focus on stove-top cleaning, fixtures, lighting, and appliances. The expert team will use stain and grease removal technology to make the stove look brand new again. The cleaners will get into the corners and do the dirt cleaning on your behalf. Most of the cleaner services provide quotes before the start of work and same day service is available if it is an emergency.

Here is the list of services that are included commonly in a lease clean package –

General Cleaning for Rooms

  •  Vacuum cleaning
  • Light fittings cleaning
  • Dusting and wiping of ceiling fans
  • Light switches cleaning
  • Hard floor mopping


  • Basin and washing table cleaning
  • Mirror polishing
  • Shower cleaning with tiles and screens
  • Drawers and cabinet cleaning
  • Toilet cleaning
  • Mould removal
  • Exhaust fan cleaning


Sweeping and cleaning


  • In and out cupboard wiping
  • Sink sanitizing and polishing
  • Over cleaned
  • Stove cleaning
  • Bench top cleaning

The professionals will ensure the use of cleaning tools for proper home or property cleaning before handing it to the landlords. Rely on the experience of the service provider to guarantee you the best end of lease cleaning services. Cleaning of the highest standard is provided in Melbourne and other parts of Australia for the best results.

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